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3 stages of #winter in Poland*

Winter in Poland is always the first thing foreign students are asking about. When does it start? It is REALLY that cold? Is...

Being a Greek in Poland

My fellow Greek friend, I have been to Lodz two times for Erasmus and I feel like I know this city by now as...

#6 UNKNOWN POLAND – Bieszczady mountains

The Bieszczady Mountains deserve to be called the wildest mountains in Poland not only because you will meet a real bison by the road,...

Polish soups MUST TRY!

Poles love soups. They are delicious, hearty (and healthy as well) comfort food. This country is blessed with a hearty mix of soup...

How to drink?

During your #erasmus_adventure in Poland you will be invited to a lot of parties – and probably you will end upat even more events...

Erasmus The Bear – get to know him better!

You may notice that almost all our articles so far are written and posted by a mysterious bear. But it's not normal bear -...

Weather in Poland. What cloths should I take?

When planning your #erasmus_adventure you need to take care of so many things. But when you have limited luggage and you're going abroad for...

POLAND – the Land of 16 Counties. #5 South

The last article, as we’ve promised, will be devoted to the south-east of Poland: we will look into not three, but four exceptional provinces!...

POLAND – the Land of 16 Counties. #3 Central-East

Today we will explore central Poland and take a small off-road to the East! Even though we will talk about Masovian county, we will...