Christmas traditions

Christmas in Poland is a quaint and much-beloved affair, we simply love Christmas! Most of the Poles mark this holiday as the most waited...

Before you come to Poland!

Here we present to you some aspects that you should take into consideration before coming to Poland. What you should take with you to Poland:...

Spring semester 2022 – Whatsapp groups for incoming students

It seems that Erasmus Exchange Programm returned to its previous state - a lot of students are applying and coming to Poland because of...

You got police fine – what to do next?

Party a bit too loud? Drinking beer in a park? Driving a bit too fast? Well, that may happen to the bests of us. It's...

#Erasmoflats ? Where to find it?

You have decided! You need a private flat/apartment for your adventure, shared with your friends/ fellow Erasmus students. So where you can search...

The best game pubs in Kraków

Let's face it, Winter is coming! And what it's better than evening spend game boards with a friend over a beer? Exactly! If you're...

5 places in Krakow to discover for a walk

Krakow is a beautiful city full of architecture and places worth to visit. Krakow is also the most touristic city in Poland, it also...

5 must-visit places in Krakow

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you like – when visiting Krakow, there are just some things everyone should see. Especially having much more...

7 Things to do on a partial lockdown.

All entertainment facilities such as pubs, restaurants, shopping malls,  cinemas, gyms or swimming pools are temporarily closed due to Covid-pandemic and you are in...
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One of the most picturesque and spectacular regions in southern Poland. It is a mountain range on the border between Polish and Slovak, crossed...

Being a Greek in Poland

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Erasmus in Corona time

Maybe you had different expectations when you arrived here in Poland for Erasmus, so did I. I was expecting to go to school for...

Hangover (polish) tips&tricks

Parties on Erasmus are a tradition, but parties on Erasmus in Poland are a legend. The only problem with memorable parties is that hangover...

What to do on (non-trading) Sunday in Warsaw – part 1!

1. Go for a bike You don’t have a bike yourself? No problem! You must already have seen Veturilo – our urban public bicycle that...

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