Update after 2 months living in Poland (as a German)


After 2 months being here, it is important to say, that Krakow is the most beautiful city I have ever lived in. Especially the old buildings are fascinating me every day. I can be so lucky to be here. Walking home after a long Erasmus night and crossing the main square in the morning is just amazing.

Krakow Main Market Square

The last month was adventurous and passed by so fast. I made a lot of nice experiences: Whether eating my first pierogi while on our ski trip or just enjoy doing a project for international women’s day with girls from 5 different nations about feminism.


Practicing Polish

In my daily life, I try to use as many polish words as I remember from my polish course, but honestly, it’s hard. Nevertheless, I always try to be kind, so here my advice to survive with minimum polish. But beware, if you order something in a shop, that they will maybe answer you further questions in polish.

Przepraszam – Sorry
Prosze – Please (or just if you want to order something)
Dziękuję – Thank you
Nie mówię po polsku- I don’t speak polish
Nie rozumiem- I don’t understand
Jestem z …. – I am from….
Dzień dobry – Hello (in a formal way)
Cześć – Hello (in a unformal way)
bardzo dobrze – very good
Do widzenia – Goodbye

Practicing some polish while ordering “Zapiekanka”

Sometimes I am lucky, that some of the older people speak a little bit of German and if they find out, that I am from Germany, they start telling me their story about their German roots or that they worked in Germany. Besides it’s funny that here in Poland German shops like Rossmann, Kaufland, Lidl and Aldi exist.

Haunted by the history

As somebody from Germany, you are also confronted every day with the past of Poland while the third Reich. Whether I am walking through the former ghetto or I am visiting the Jewish quarter Kazimierz. For me, it was impressive to do a Free Walking Tour through the Jewish quarters. When the museums will open again, I will plan to visit Auschwitz and Schindler’s factory.

Kazimierz – Jewish Quartier in Krakow

Although I know, that it was the past, I still feel guilty in some moments and I think it is important to remember, that it was my country, who deported and killed millions of Polish people (mainly Jews).

Studying/practicing medicine

I also started my courses at the university hospital. It’s nice to directly have the combination of practical Bedside-teaching and theoretical seminars. But I am also really looking forward to the Easter break, because I am not used anymore to be every day in hospital.

Hopefully more nice experiences are following, also because the weather will get warmer the next weeks.

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