Cześć! – My first Weeks in Krakow


Hey, I am Juliana, I am 23 years old and I am studying medicine in the 4th year. I am in Krakow since the 2nd of February. In the next months, I will talk a little bit about my experiences in Krakow.

My friends and my family were a little surprised, when I told them, that I was going to do my exchange semester in Krakow. Why did I choose Eastern Europe? I discovered my fascination for those countries when I visited Bucharest a few years ago. I think that these countries are both cultural and politically interesting.

My expectations for my exchange semester are meeting new people from different countries, learning about the Polish culture, and improving my English.
I am only here for two weeks and already so happy, that I did not cancel the exchange semester, because of the corona situation. My flatmates and I are living directly in the old city centre. We have a good atmosphere in our flat and it already feels a little bit like home.

Me and friends in Wieliczka Salt Mine

The first weekend we went to the salt mine in Wieliczka (30 min away from Krakow). We had a guide there and learned a lot about mining in Poland, especially about the region around Krakow, which was in the centuries before one of the main sources for getting money for the people.

Last weekend we visited Wroclaw, which has a beautiful city centre with old coloured houses. A piece of advice to go there to see the little islands, which are made by the river Oder and the beautiful cathedral.

Wroclaw is such a beautiful city!

Last week my Survival Polish Course starts and so I am learning every day a little bit more Polish. I think especially the pronunciation is difficult for me. But I hope it will get better and better.

So, for me, it was a very good start in Poland, and I hope it will continue like this, although these are different times with the corona situation. I am looking forward to my first medical courses in March!
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