Yes, we know that your goal was to <try ‘em all> anyway, but if your time and resources will be limited, we suggest that you put these 5 alcohols at the top of your bucket list. These ones are common in Poland and not so much available elsewhere, so enjoy them while you’re here!

Miód pitny – mead.

This is trully golden treasure of alcohols!

Yes, we have mentioned it already in another article: it is typically eastern alcohol; we used to drink it during frosty winters, as it warms up greatly! You can try it in some pubs, you can buy it in liquor stores and online shops… Well spiced ones taste so well that they don’t need any company! You can serve mead cold or hot/warm, you can drink it along with meats and desserts – even if it doesn’t seem so, it is really universal.


Basically, it is either a cherry liqueur or a cherry-flavoured vodka: they do have different percentages and can vary when it comes to the level of sweetness. If you are lucky, your Polish friend will invite you for a dinner at their house and treat you with their ‘grandpa’s home-made edition’. If you’re not that lucky, just ask the locals where to go for a shot of a nice wiśniówka. In some small pubs, you can actually buy (sometimes under the counter) the kind that is made personally by the owner!


The are some rummors that in polish dormitories students making their own version of “Cytrynowka”.

yes, this one can also be either a liqueur or a flavored vodka. The important thing here is the flavor: lemon. If you buy a flavored vodka, mix it with sprite or tonic, if you find a real one (a thick, intense, > 40%, dark-yellow liquid), buy a piece of tart or a meringue cake and drink it along; no chasers allowed!


Well, you may think they are all the same, but a connoisseur can recognize immense differences between brands.  When it comes to our native products, we can recommend a few favorites: Baczewscy, Belvedere, Żubrówka. These ones you can drink – possibly – without washing them down! If you cannot stand vodka alone, mix it with whatever soda or juice you like. Our secret recipe?  Vodka, essence from earl grey tea, and black currant nectar – the proportions that we suggest are 1/3 of each ingredient, but if it seems to be too strong, feel free to experiment!


This drink is trully delicious!

Like many others (wiśniówka, cytrynówka, pigwówka…) it can appear as either flavored vodka, or a deep, intense liqueur. For our purposes it does not matter which one you choose – we drink it with milk. Yes, your first thought may be “ouch!” but actually, this is one of the things you just have to try. It tastes like a fluid Monte snack… that hits quite hard though; so take it slow, even if it is delicious!!!

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