Where do local people meet?


Like every city, Łódź has its own great places that are especially popular among local citizens. All of them are easily accessible by public transport and include many different activities. What do people do here in their free time? Of course, they go to restaurants and bars, visit museums and cinemas… and go play… laser paintball?  


There is no other shopping mall like this one – not in Poland, not anywhere else. Its uniqueness comes from its history- all the buildings were once real textile manufactures and were adopted to shopping mall requirements in 2006. Inside people can spend time not only doing shopping, but they can also enjoy themselves in a cinema, two museums (modern art and science) or an arcade! If you are looking for a sports entertainment there is a gym, a bowling alley a climbing wall and even a laser paintball! And don’t get us started on the food you can eat there! Dozens of restaurants and a fast-food court are also perfect for social interaction. What is more, during summer the main square turns into a Beach Bar and a volleyball court, and during winter- to an ice rink 😊 P.S It has been renovated very recently, so everything is modernized and beautiful 😉  

Piotrkowska Street / OFF Piotrkowska

OFF Piotrkowska is a hipster place

Piotrkowska street is one of the main social life points in Łódź. It’s long and fully available for pedestrians and cyclists only, so it’s safe to stroll down it. Many great restaurants are there, especially in OFF Piotrkowska- a hipster place, a little bit more pricy than normal, but with exquisite food and unique atmosphere. A great place to grab a drink at night! You can find any type of cuisine in Piotrkowska street- from Polish, though Japanese and Mexican, ending on Balkan. Apart from restaurants, there are squares and parks in the close neighbourhood of the street, so it’s very nice and calm while being in the middle of the city centre.  Most of the night clubs and pubs are in Piotrkowska street too, so if you want a glimpse of the nightlife in Łódź- head on to there!

Stawy Stefańskiego – Stefański’s Ponds

Must visit for all nature lovers

This place will be perfect for all the nature lover out there. Stefański’s Lakes are a bit farther away from the city centre (around 30 minutes by tram or bus), but thanks to that it’s calm and quiet. There are two magical ponds surrounded by a lovely park with alleys divided into pedestrian and cyclist part – perfect for bike rides or joggings around the ponds. You can also play volleyball or basketball there or even use an outdoor gym! This place is also open for children, as there is a playground with all safety measures and even a sandpit for the youngest kids. There are many barbeque places there too, so you can have marshmallows or sausages with your friends by the water. During summer it’s a great idea to go there and rent a water scooter or a water bike, a pedalo or even a kayak and sunbathe in the middle of the lake!

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