Winter in Poland is always the first thing foreign students are asking about. When does it start? It is REALLY that cold? Is it snowy? We would love to see some SNOW!

It’s arriving usually in January, with its freezing days and nights, snowy mornings and #winterwonderland views. There is lots of emotions going on from this time on… Let’s try to describe it.

Stage 1: Admiration

Winter wonderland

The world looks just beautiful, like in a fairytale. Everything covered with snow, parks looks like another planet. We’re admiring the majestic snowflakes dancing in the air. Posting on our Instagram our first experience with snow; making snowmen; doing winter battles with friends; long winter walks in the park. We simply love it!

This stage takes around 1-5 days.

Stage 2: Facing reality.

After a few days, you kinda adjusted to the views. Most of the majestic view is over anyway. The snow is not white anymore… is something between grey-blackish mass randomly thrown in the city. And why is so f*ing cold? All the time you’re cold. You thought before that -10 degrees happen only somewhere near the North Pool, not in Central Europe.

World is not so pretty anymore

You’re discovering that wearing a winter hat, gloves and scarf may actually save your life. Even tho you’re not religious person, you’re starting to pray to NOT BE SICK. Especially in the time of pandemic that’s not convenient at all.

That stage strongly depends on a person personality. Some of the people are skipping it and go directly to stage 3.

Stage 3: Dream of Spring

You’re waiting for spring it like Game o Thrones fans for a book on the same title. Can it be just spring? Can we skip the rest of the winter?

Crocus blooming in the Tatra mountains

You’re tired of this weather… and this white sh*t is still coming from the sky. You can’t really remember when it was the last time you saw the SUN. You really miss the sun.

You kinda feel like on the roulette, 5 days of strong winter, then just mud everywhere, snowing again… + 5 Celcius. When does it stop?

You have never waited for Spring to come that much. Flowers, blooming trees, sun on your face… Spring where are you?!

*Please note that this article is a bit sarcastic and based on Erasmus The Bear experience only! You may love winter and jus skip this text!