5 extraordinary places in Łódź


Łódź is a very odd city. A little unappealing if you don’t know where to go, a bit underinvested too… but it has the magic that no other place has. Those 5 extraordinary spots should be enough to explain exactly what we mean and show you the uniqueness of this post-fabricant city.  

Pasaż Róży- Rose’s Passage 

Pasaż Róży is truly amazing place

Even though we have mentioned Piotrkowska Street a lot in our articles, this one amazing backyard is something completely unique. You can visit this place at Piotrkowska Street 3, where you just have to enter the gate. And what will you see inside? All the walls are covered in tiny pieces of cut mirror, creating a breath-taking effect straight out of a fairy tale. The story behind it is pretty and sad- it’s a homage to the sickness of the author’s daughter- Rose.

Księży Młyn – a city inside a city 

Księży Mlyn was once the most industrialized part of Łódź, built in the XIX century and it served the purpose of being completely independent living and industrial area. Łódź is famous for its fabric-making history and this area was and still is the biggest complex of spinning mill manufactures. Old factories were converted into museums (f.g. the Museum of Cinematography) or a Palm House and many cultural events, fashion shows and workshops are held there.  

Łagiewnicki Forest  

It’s not a regular forest, even though you probably thought so. But it’s not only the beauty and the magical atmosphere that makes it so extraordinary. It’s the fact that Łagiewnicki Forest is the only forest this big and inside the city area in Europe! In the forest there are over 1600 species of plants and mushrooms and over 650 species of animals and insects- it’s a real European jungle. What is more, there are some ways you can spend your time there other than walking, running or cycling through the woods. There are ponds with beaches called Arturówek, perfect for a lazy summer day. You can also visit medieval chapels hidden in the forest, a XIX century palace or see the outsides of a Franciscan Monastery.

EC1 – Planetarium  

EC1 was previously the city power station, once providing power to the whole city. Now, that is has been renewed and renovated, it doesn’t serve the purpose anymore. Today the most potent attraction of the place is the Planetarium, where you can see amazing projections of the sky and the planets and learn a lot about the cosmos. The other part of the building complex is a Science and Technical Educational Centre that teaches, among other things, how energy is processed and reused. There are three paths to be explored there: “Microworld- Macroworld”, electricity and history of science and civilization. If you are looking for a day full of exploration and learning- this is the place for you (and your family as well).  

You can get more information here: https://centrumnaukiec1.pl/

Museum of the Sewer ‘Tube’ – underground museum  

This place breaks all the stereotypes about a typical boring museum.

The museum is like no other because it’s… underground. Yes, the “swere” isn’t metaphorical. You can literally go down the sewers under the city centre and see what this original monument of hydraulic engineering looks like. In the oval underground the rainwater was collected in order to sluice the city sewer network. The tank was built in 1926 and about 300 cubic metres of rainwater can be accommodated inside. While walking around 142 meters of canals you can also enjoy a walk with a guide who will tell you all the historical and educational details. It’s definitely an unforgettable attraction, that breaks all the stereotypes about a typical boring museum.

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