There is plenty of people who are writing messages to our e-mail, posting on FB with questions about the situation in Poland these days.

Facts about pandemic time now.

Today (06.01) it was published over 14k of new Covid-19 cases. Poland is definitely after second wave of the virus, what you can see on the chart. There are some predictions of 3rd wave, but so far nothing’s sure.

Chart of daily Covid-cases in Poland

Poles adjusted to the situation, everyone seems to be very tired of it and just live their live as normal as it’s possible. Everyday life seems to be quite normal (with the masks and all self-protection) , one-day trips to mountain/lakes are very popular, even nowdays, there are people going for vacations abroad, trying to get the most despite this situation.

Most of Poles are not panicing and trying to live their lives as normal as possible.


The overall situation in Poland is a bit better than in other EU countries. The restrictions are not that serious. Let’s start with a list of possibilities:

  • We don’t have a curfew, whilst in most EU countries there are movement restrictions
  • There is no limit in private meetings at home, generally, most people avoid huge gatherings, but we do meet with friends and organise some parties in our places.
  • some of the activities are not banned: you can attend dance courses, private training and of course, all open-air activities are allowed.

Still, we do have the heaviest restrictions since pandemic started, it is all connected with winter holidays for Primary and Secondary Schools and they would last till 17.01. What are the restrictions exactly?

  • all bars, restaurants, shopping malls, sport facilities are closed until further notice;
  • there is 10 days quaranteen after coming back from abroad obligatory for everyone;
  • all hotels, airbnb and other rental places are closed to tourist rentals
  • all winter sports venues are closed, so no skiing in the Tatras 🙁


Like is written above, almost all of these restrictions are to keep school students at home and avoid fast spreading of the virus because of the winter break movements. We do expect that after 17.01 our goverment will slawly withrow given limitations.

Re-opening bar and restaurants is the most expected thing to happen.
  • Bars, restaurants and cafees should be re- open in April/May
  • Sport fascilities, swimmin g pools and winter sports places may be re-open in February if the numbers of cases will not go up

Students/Erasmus everyday life

Studies on-line will probably stay for the spring semester

Spring semester will probably remain on-line on the Universities. I know, that’s suck but as the predicitions are that current pandemic state may be for another 2 years in worst case scenario. In that situation it is better to choose summer semester to do Erasmus due to number of reasons:

  • Numbers of cases will be down for Spring time, so the restrictions will be much lighter
  • Great weather starts in April, so you can enjoy the outdoors activities
  • travels rentals should be allowed by the spring time
  • You can prolong your stay for 2-3 weeks of July to profit of your erasmus life and travel with friends around Poland and Europe


The key word is HOPE, we do all hope that this madness will be over sooner than later, that the restrictions will be called back.. But in fact, we don’t know. If you want to do Eramsus, JUST DO IT. No matter pandemic or not. This semester or next one. This is not that important! For sure you will profit from it, for sure it will be different experience that you would like to be. It will be for sure unique and it’s all about your attitude and expectations.

Here you can check articles of students who are currently in Poland doing erasmus. It may help you!

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