7 Things to do on a partial lockdown.


All entertainment facilities such as pubs, restaurants, shopping malls,  cinemas, gyms or swimming pools are temporarily closed due to Covid-pandemic and you are in a foreign country, far away from your friends & family, having no idea how to spend your free time? Here are some ideas for you:

1.Cook something…Polish

Cook something together with friends! The best try some polish recipes.

Yes, we will prepare for you a list of places where to eat best Polish food, but while on a partial lockdown, try to cook some of our traditional dishes yourself! You can find many recipes online (even we have posted a few: żurek ; rosół ); just buy the right ingredients and have fun in your kitchen – maybe you could invite a friend over and do it together?

2. Marathon of Polish movies

Let’s be honest – most of you have Netflix… and if you don’t have it personally, there is a very high chance that one of your new mates from here does. Buy some wine (or beer), make a few sets of snacks, and organize a marathon of Polish movies (lacking ideas? we thought about that too, check what is worth watching under this link: https://erasmuspoland.pl/2020/10/19/polish-drama-movies-on-netflix-worth-to-watch/). You can do it together with your flatmates or 2-3 other students (not more, because firstly – it is against lockdown regulations, secondly – you won’t be able to focus on a movie if there are too much noise and too many comments in the air).

3. Relax… take it easy!

Treat yourself!

Yes, a relaxing evening is always a good idea. Light up a few candles – you need to be careful though cause you don’t want to burn your flat (still looking for an apartment? Check out our section ‘accommodation’ – ), turn on relaxing music, get yourself a nourishing face mask (guys, don’t be shy, nobody will see you anyway), treat yourself with a glass of prosecco or a fresh juice and your favourite pastry, put an aroma-therapy oil int your perfume burner and… just chill. Even if it is not a typical Erasmus experience, take advantage of the fact that finally, you have time to do it and enjoy yourself.

4. Start learning Polish

Let’s face it: you are pretty much detached from your everyday life right now and you have tons of free time. And if you cannot use it for entertainment, use it productively – start learning Polish.  Yes, obviously it is a language that is widely spoken only in one country (for now!) but think how impressive it will be if you will come back home with the ability to say something more than “dzień dobry” and “dziękuję”!

Plus… we know that you are probably not thinking about it too much right now, but once you graduate and start to begin your search for a job… additional language always looks great in CV (and for sure you will spark some interest if your choice of it will not be so common). Invest in your futures and sign up for a Polish online course during these cold evenings that you’re forced to spend at home.

5. Plan a trip

Pandemic times will be over, it’s time to plan what to visit!

Yes, we are aware that right now travelling around is rather pointless, as everything is closed due to pandemic… but now it’s a perfect time to sit down, think about what you would like to see, where to go, where to stay, what to try…  It’s like being hungry and expecting a meal in a 5-star restaurant: you will be just thrilled when you finally get it after all this waiting. Most of the hotels, museums and restaurants – even though closed – are still running their websites, so you can get all the info online put it in your special notebook or a word document.  You are not sure where to go? Check our sections AboutRegions and UnknownPoland !

6. Write to us!

You can either talk about your pre-lockdown Erasmus experience or, if you feel that it was not rich enough, just share your thoughts! What would you like us to write about? Which part of our website is most useful? Which one do you like the best? Let us help you and future Erasmus students who will come to Poland!

You think our website is so cool that it doesn’t need any improvements? 

  • Share with us one of your original home-town recipes!
    We will publish it in our new section about Erasmus multicultural experience! 

7. Exercise… in Polish!

Even if you don’t speak & don’t learn Polish, you can easily do some exercises in Polish… and we are not thinking about the ones from books. Many people work out at home during the lockdown: if you are one of them, great! Continue to do it, but with one alternation… choose a channel with a Polish fitness trainer! For sure you will ‘get the memo’ that you’re supposed to do squats or push-ups, but at the same time… you may learn a few more words! That is a whole new level of training!