5 Best Parks in Warsaw


When the partial lockdown comes and shopping malls, pubs or restaurants start to close… what do you do? You go for a stroll! And you would like that but… you don’t know where to go? Below you will find the list of 5 most beautiful parks you shall visit when you are in Warsaw!

1. Łazienki (Łazienki Park/Łazienki Królewskie)

Is one of the oldest and most beautiful park in Warsaw

It is one of the oldest and most appreciated (not to mention the biggest!) parks in Warsaw. It was built over 200 years ago, and it used to serve as a summer residence to the Polish king. The park actually consists of three gardens: the Royal Garden, designed in 18th century, Romantic Garden from 19th century and the Modernist Garden from the 20th century. Łazienki park is lovely especially in spring and in autumn when either flower buds are blossoming, or leaves change colours! Łazienki Royal Gardens are also famous for theirpeacocks! Once you are there, don’t forget to find one of these beautiful birds and take a photo with it; it is a must-souvenir from Warsaw!

2. Pole Mokotowskie

Pole Mokotowskie is most beautiful in Autumn!

This one is exceptionally beautiful in early autumn (September/October) and late spring! Since the park is located between Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw University of Technology, at these times, in the afternoons, you can see multitudes of students with a drink and/or a book here – just chilling or chilling and studying! Tons of young people is what makes this park such a cool place to relax. Either gather here with your mates or take a stroll by yourself. You don’t like roaming around by yourself? Maybe your Polish friend has a dog that you could walk out! If you bring the pupil here, the chances that both of you will find companionship, are pretty high!

3. Park Praski

Finally something on the right river bank…and this one is just next to the Warsaw Zoo! Although it is not highly popular, it has great potential! Among others, it is very well connected with the rest of the city… Besides a tram&bus station that is just next to the garden, you also have a metro station just around the corner! If you think that parks themselves are too boring, combine your stroll in Praski with a visit to the ZOO. And on your way back, don’t forget to explore the gentrified Praga area and jump for a drink into one of the cool pubs and bars located around Dworzec Wileński!

4. Ogród Saskich

Ogrod Saskich is located just in the very centre of Warsaw

It is a very nice – and quite big – park in the heart of the city center: it basically stretches between metro station Świętokrzyska, metro station Ratusz Arsenał, and (almost) Krakowskie Przedmieście. That is why you can go on a tour around shops and cafes of Nowy Świat, observation decks, bistros and ice-cream stands of Starówka, to later conclude your trip by resting on a bench in Ogród Saski. It is actually one of the first accessible-to-the-public parks in the world! Enjoy its wide alleys and numerous fountains! It is a perfect place for jogging as well.

5. Powiśle

Here we are not dealing with one particular park but rather a zone of many joint gardens and green squares: Park Porazińskiej (Janina Porazińska: hugely recognized Polish female author who devoted her work mostly to children’s literature – we still read her books in primary school!), Park and Książecem, Powiśle Park, and the vastest of them all – Marshall Edward Rydz-Śmigły Park (this politician was the Marshall of Poland and also a Commander-in-Chief of Polish armed forces during the first months of World War II). Apart from many monuments (play a game and try to find them all!) as well as some buildings, you can find here a skatepark and a run for dogs. Also, this green area is situated in real proximity of Vistula River Boulevards – in this part of the city, you can plan a truly long walk that will take you the whole afternoon!

You think parks are boring because you don’t like walking? When the weather is good, take a blanket, basket with food, a friend, and make a picnic!