5 the best breakfasts places in Warsaw


You start classes late and you feel like having a breakfast downtown but you don’t know where to go? Check out the list that we have prepared for you – 5 best places for a morning meal!

5. Bułkę przez bibułkę

A little, lovely chain. It is styled eclectic, but at the same time, it is very cosy. The food is served in a rather modern way – the menu is simple, but enough options to choose from. You can have scrambled eggs with four different additions, omelette with smoked meat or in a vege-version, pancakes with whipped cream, a sweet set for bread, or a healthy porridge with seasonal fruits! Whatever you choose – you can order a prosecco along, if you want to start a day like a rock star. But be aware that it may be a bit busy!

4. Charlotte

It is a perfect place for a French-styled breakfast! Additionally, Charlotte is quite famous for its bread and patisserie – you can also just buy it there at the counter, without having to sit and order. But if you decide to have a regular breakfast inside, you can choose from a basket of their bread with sweet home-made preserves (there is also an option with a soft-boiled egg, as well as with a soft-boiled egg along with a glass of sparkling wine), granola yoghurt, French omelette with different fillings, and sweet French toasts. If you want something small, you can just grab a croissant with a coffee or a tea or simply fresh seasonal fruits.

3. Manekin

You are bored with traditional scrambled eggs? Try ones served in a naleśnik (along with a delicious fresh bun and a tiny salad aside) at Manekin. What is naleśnik? It is something between an American pancake and a French crepe! For those who prefer to eat their breakfast in a more traditional way, there is an option of a sweet naleśnik with white cheese and fruit syrup. There are two Manekin in Warsaw: one on Marszałkowska street, and one at Plac Konstytucji. Choose the one on Plac Konstytucji (it is bigger – thus, much less crowded) and remember that they serve breakfasts only between 9.00 and 12.00!

2. Waffle Bar

Somewhat American, somewhat ‘fusion’: that is how the feeling and the menu of this place could be described. For example, instead of traditional pancakes with egg and bacon, you can order double waffles with fillings (savoury, for example with goat cheese or a salmon, and sweet – with yoghurt and fruits). If you are not a fan of the idea, you can have eggs prepared in many different ways, porridge bowl, or a hummus set. Breakfasts come either alone, or in a company of a tea or coffee – together, at a better price!

1. Aioli

You are going with a bigger group and you want to pick a place where everyone will find something for themselves? Head out to Aioli (there are two in Warsaw, one on Świętokrzyska street and one at Plac Konstytucji); in their offer you will find both vege- and non-vege options: feta&egg sandwich or a bacon&egg sandwich, Spanish toasts with or without bacon, breakfast brekkie pizza, and croissants accompanied with fruits and yoghurt (alternative with bacon is available as well!). For what it is worth, they have a promo: from Monday to Friday you can order a breakfast drink and choose an actual breakfast along at the price of 5pln! Remember, only between 9.00 and 12.00!

Bon appetit and enjoy your day!