Polish women on strike.


You probably heard or seen yesterday’s manifestations and you’re wondering what is going on? Why are those people protesting?

Yesterday in the late afternoon/early night, around 18-19h several manifestations were organised spontaneously as a protest to tightening of the abortion law. In Krakow, Warsaw, Lodź, Katowice, Gdańsk, Wrocław, Toruń and many other cites protesters gathered on Friday night, carrying signs with messages such as “This is war” and “You have blood on your hands”.

“This is War”- Women on strike in Warsaw

Polish abortion law is one of the most stringent in Europe. Until Thursday abortion was allowed in Poland only in 3 cases:

  • rape or incest
  • where the mother’s health is at risk
  • serious genetic defects of the fetus

A court ruling on Thursday banned the last case: serious genetic defects and diseases of the fetus, which accounted for 98% of legal terminations last year.

“This is War”- Women on strike in Warsaw

What next?

Manifestations will continue the whole weekend and most probably the whole week. If you want to support polish women- join the manifestation, the best is to find a Facebook event in your city. There will be written numbers to the lawyers in case of being arrested. Write it somewhere on your body with your pen, as your phone may be taken away.

If you’re scared and wish not to be part of it, check where the demonstrations will happen and simply avoid going there. As we’re in times of COVID-19 staying at home will be the safest option.