Red zone all over Poland. New restrictions from 24.10


As you may already hear, from 24.10.2020 all Poland will be considered as Red Zone and from this day on new restrictions should be followed:

  • Remote teaching for 4-8 classes in primary schools
  • Minors under 16 y.o can go out only under adults guard
  • All universities and other not-primary schools on remote teaching
  • All sports events without an audience
  • Cultural events – only 25% of the audience capacity allowed. Also, apply to the museum and other exhibitions.
  • All swimming pools, gyms and aquaparks will be closed
  • All pubs and restaurants will be closed on spot- delivery possible
  • The capacity of shops: 5 people per 1 cashier for shops under surface 100k sqm
  • The capacity of shops and commercial centres bigger than 100k sqm: 1 person per every 15sqm
  • Public transport capacity: 50% of seating places allowed or 30% of all.
  • Meetings allowed only with max 5 people who are not living together.
  • Seniors over 70 y.o should remain home unless is necessary.
Wear masks, stay safe!