The best game pubs in Kraków


Let’s face it, Winter is coming! And what it’s better than evening spend game boards with a friend over a beer? Exactly! If you’re a fan of this kind of entertainment, here you will find the best game pubs in Krakow! All of them are equally amazing, slightly different which makes them worth to visit. What’s worth mentioning is that in all listed bars you can play for free.

Domówka cafe, ul Miodowa 28a

Domówka was one of the first places of this type to be established in Krakow and still exist today. It’s a perfect place for integration with friends and spending a nice evening!

fot: FB domówka cafe

First of all, the huge assortment deserves attention – they have almost 400 games (it is also important that the degree of difficulty has been set so that everyone can play them). It is a place ideally suited to the needs of players. Large, well-lit tables, a catalogue of games, a picture on the walls composed of Dixit cards and a homely atmosphere. What more could you want?

BarOn, ul. Batorego 1

The atmosphere here is a bit different, definitely more party-like place. Their selection of board games is smaller, but still great and sufficient even for more advanced players. We can find there a relatively large space at our disposal, divided into smaller rooms, which provide privacy and cosy ambience. In addition, we can also play on the console ( including FIFA 17, PES 2016, Mortal Kombat X and Teeken). Among the board games, we can also find parties and strategic games.


They also have Thursday’s for students and discounts for a beer if you show your student’s card by the bar.

HEX, ul. Generała Dwernickiego 5

A real Krakow Mecca for players and there is something to it. Indeed, when we visited this place – it was packed to the brim. The assortment here is also very large, but most importantly – they have a large collection of white crows not available anywhere else! A certain community is formed in Hex. They even made their own game Dwarfes in Trouble. You can now play the test version in the premises, it will be available for sale soon.


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