What to do on (non-trading) Sunday in Warsaw – part 1!


1. Go for a bike

You don’t have a bike yourself? No problem! You must already have seen Veturilo – our urban public bicycle that can be rented for hours. You have Veturilo stations all over the city– you just download the up, pick up a bike and voila – you are ready for a ride! First 20 minutes are free, then for each hour of using a bike, you pay 1 pln. Once you get tired, just check on your app where is the closest station and dock your Veturilo!

2. Go to an independent cinema theatre

There are many independent cinema theatres in Warsaw – Kino Muranów, Kino Atlantic, Kino Luna, Kino Wisła, Kinoteka, Kino Praha, Kino Iluzjon… They are usually very different from regular multiplex cinemas, both in terms of ambience and repertoire! Also, many of them are foreigners-friendly: for example, in Kino Muranów there are special screenings of movies produced in non-English speaking countries with Polish and English subtitles!

3. Eat something fancy!

Treat yourself! Go for a walk around the city center (or somewhere else: Żoliborz? Mokotów? Saska Kępa? Ideas are endless!) and pick the cutest bistro or a restaurant and just treat yourself with a fancy dish – it doesn’t have to be Polish! You will find – especially around the city center – places with many different cuisines. Don’t forget to take a photo of your treat meal!

4. Go to the ZOO

Maybe our zoo isn’t the biggest one, but our animals are the coolest! After a stressful week head out to Praga (the zoo is located just between the metro station and a tram stop) to visit the elephants and chill out with flamingos. Maybe it will bring you some childhood memories as well! Afterwards, you can take a stroll around Park Praski to end your tour on a high note with a good (grown-up) drink in one of many hip pubs located on Ząbkowska street!

5. Look for street art

There are some really cool pieces of street art in Warsaw – they just await your discovery! You can witness many of them in Praga, in the city center, and in Mirów neighbourhoods. You don’t know how to spend your Sunday when everything seems to be closed? Take your camera (or phone) and go for a discovery trip – either with a friend or alone! Where to start your research? Radzymińska, Sienna, Żelazna street, the area between Dzielna and Aleja Solidarności streets… You just need to look for it!
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