Covid-19 vs Erasmus in Poland


Despite all pandemic situation and troubles some of you decided to go ahead and do your #erasmus_adventure in Poland. Here you have some useful tips about COVID- situation.

Wearing masks is obligatory in public buildings

General situation

You may hear that Poland have nowadays more and more cases of COVID-19. That’s true, but mostly because of the huge amount of tests. They started testing big factories, miners etc. Wedding season is not helping either and you can hear a lot about wedding-quarantined people.. well, they’re calling it nowadays ‘corona-party’ 😉

Everyday life seems to be quite normal – of course, everyone is using masks, disinfect hands more often… but you can go to restaurants, bar, swimming pool, gym, even concerts and cultural events. Everything is working normally (with less occupancy and keeping distance) except for discos and mass events which are still not allowed to happen.

There are now 3 “zones” of infections: green (low infected ratio), yellow (an alarming number of infections), red (severe number of infections).


Good news is that you don’t have to wear them on an open-air, including open-air markets.

Where is obligatory to wear them?

  • SHOPS – you have to wear masks when you do shopping – being without a mask in a shop can costs you some penalty.
  • shopping malls – also in the alleys
  • Inside all public buildings – yes, on university buildings too.
  • Public transport
  • in the restaurants and bars – but only in between tables (f.ex going out to the bathroom), by the table is not obligatory to wear them.
  • In the churches and other religious places

You don’t have to wear masks – you have to cover your mount and nose tho. NOTE! You don’t have to wear a mask if your health doesn’t allow that (f.ex of asthma).


  • When you’re go shopping, it’s obligatory to disinfect your hands or wear plastic gloves.
  • it is better to not touch food with your bare hands. It’s not very sanitary and you may be asked to not do it.

Sports facilities: gyms, swimming pools etc

  • Gyms allow only 50% of its occupancy, fitness in groups is allowed with social distancing minimum 1,5 m. You may be asked to fulfil questionary with personal information.
  • Swimming pools 75%
  • Theme parks and amusement parks are required to restrict the simultaneous number of users was not more than 1 person per 5 sqm.

! Note! in the “red zones” restrictions are much havier. So far there’s only a few of them, none includes the big cities.

As you can see is not that bad. You can really live quite normally while you’re using a mask and take care of safety.