Erasmus The Bear – get to know him better!


You may notice that almost all our articles so far are written and posted by a mysterious bear. But it’s not normal bear – it’s Erasmus The Bear. You may think…. what have in common polar bear, Erasmus and Poland.

Well… However it may sound weird (or maybe not at all) to you, but one of many stereotypes about Poland is that you can walk across … polar bear somewhere out on the streets. It’s not a joke. People actually think that in our country is so cold so meeting a polar bear is possible and commonly happen to us. You may be surprised, but is unfortunately not true 🙁

The only polar bear you can meet is our Erasmus the Bear! That’s very curious creature came to Poland to spend his #erasmus_adventure in our lovely country and check how it’s really like in Poland! Then he prolonged to stay another semester as soon as he found out that Poles loves to eat herrings and tatar.

He studied at Unversity of Life and Science , drank way too much vodka, suffer from deadly handovers and met other bears from around the world. We can say that this experience changed him forever!

Now he’s sharing his knowledge about our beloved country to give you the best tips on how to survive here and make the most of your #erasmus_time.

What does he say about that experience?

“Poland is a beautiful country, I’ve spent the time of my life there! Totally recommend it”

You can always contact him and ask questions!