And when to leave afterwards?

Time of your arrival to Poland as Erasmus student is really important. As soon as you will take that decision and set update, you’ll only benefit for it. Why?

  • buying plane tickets a few months upfronts is much cheaper
  • gives you the frame to plan the first days of your adventure without the rush
  • spare you unnecessary costs of accommodation
  • take a polish course before

Leaving is less problematic after the winter semester, you just need to organise it fast enough to be back before the new semester starts in your hometown University. After spring semester you can a bit prolong your stay and use some amazing beautiful polish summer to relax on the polish beach or in the mountains as there is no rush to be home!


How does the schedule look like?

Take advantage of arriving earlier and go on some trip!

Winter semester starts October 1rst (when is the weekend is always first Monday after) on the universities. Usually, one 1-2 weeks before that university organize “Orientation Days” for international students. What’s more, in August – September universities are organizing polish courses for Erasmus incoming to their university. Not every Uni is doing that, so the best contact yours if you want to attend it!

Orientation days (or Orientation week) is an event organized by University or local ESN unit. Includes campus tour, explanation of how the university works etc. Also more fun things: city games, parties, sightseeing tours, trips, “pub crawl” etc.

Knowing when to come is very useful to schedule your accommodation contract. When to move in? From when I need it? It’s the first question every landlord/agent will ask you. Be prepared that it will be required to pay for whole/half of the month, even if you’re coming in the last September days if you want to book the flat before (and it’s the best way usually). Why? It’s simple, owners want to have full payments because they are already losing money over summertime when flat is empty (and not every city is Krakow to have enough tourists to fulfil that vacation blank). If your plan is to find an apartment after arrival, be in your city as soon as you can. Note, that in September also a great amount of polish students are looking accommodation and they are miles ahead of you: speak polish, sign long-term contracts, have their own equipment etc.

The bests flats are “booked” even a few months earlier!

If you want to look for accommodation on the spot, arrive in first September days to be a bit ahead of others who will be seeking flat too! NOTE: accommodation to universities dormitories take place in the last days of September!

Finally, arriving earlier gives you time to relax a bit, use some charming polish summer, do some sight-seeing, get better orientation on the city etc.

September is usually really warm month in Poland, use it! After all, you’re at the beginning of the life-changing adventure! Take the most of it!

To sum up:

  • you have to be in Poland before October 1rst.
  • usually, most of the people are coming mid-September to be part of Orientation Days and settle a bit before the study begins.
  • we do recommend to arrive at the beginning of September, take some trips, relax, settle in your apartment, get to know a city better.


Winter semester ends differently for every University around mid and end of January, max first week of February (included exam times). The best for safety (in case you need to take a second exam tour) to have your contract for the flat till mid-February. It will give you some extra time in case of emergency.

If you’ll finish earlier, ask your landlord/agent about the possibility to make contract shorter. It’s usually possible and also convenient for them as new erasmus is arriving in the first week of February and need to move in asap.


Classes at universities start between February and March, some universities have its schedule for March 1rst, some February 15th. It strongly depends on the academic schedule taken by specific Uni. Check it with yours! There are also Orientation Days organised, so we strongly advise to be part of it for both knowledge and fun!

For spring semester there is no need to be arriving much earlier, around 10-15th of February will be just in time to be part of everything important!

Accommodation contracts in this situation strongly depend on the students who are leaving home, as mostly the same flats are rented for Erasmus students for both semesters. It may happen that you need to pay for some Airbnb for your first days, as most of the contracts are taken till mid or end of February.

Erasmus flats are free from mid-February, if you come earlier you may need some hostel spot!

Ask the landlord/agent of the contact information to students who are living in ‘your’ future flat. There is a chance they will let you move in before they’ll move out, so you could save money on Airbnb/hostel for your first days.

To sum up :

  • there is no need to arrive earlier than is completely necessary.
  • the best arrive weekend before orientation days, it will give you 1-2 days to settle in before.
  • most of the flats are free to rent from February 10-15th at least, so be prepared to spend some time in the hostel/Airbnb.


In July hit the road and go around Poland!

Semester finishes by the end of June and it’s the minimum time you have to stay. You can leave just after or… you can hit the road and go around Poland for one more week!

Stay one more week, organise with friends trip around Poland! Polish summer is amazing and beautiful!

We hope you find this article useful and help you to make up a decision about your stay easier!

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