How much money do I need? Cost of living in Poland


Did you know that cost of living in Poland is cheaper than in 70% of countries in the World?

Poland is a relatively cheap place to live and study in comparison to other European countries. Prices depend greatly on the city, the biggest city the expensive one. We will try here to give you an idea of the costs of living, how much money it will cost you in reality.


Here we go! First of all some overall average costs of food products you can buy in the supermarkets. Those prices are not that different between the cities as mostly we’re doing shopping in the chain supermarkets which have almost identical prices everywhere.

Average prices of food products in Poland


Prices for renting flat/room strongly depend on the city you choose. So firstly we want to give you some ranking of the cities when it comes to accommodation price. Ranked from most expensive (Warsaw) to least one (Bydgoszcz).

  1. Warsaw
  2. Gdańsk
  3. Wrocław
  4. Kraków
  5. Gdynia
  6. Poznań
  7. Łódź
  8. Katowice
  9. Szczecin
  10. Toruń
  11. Lublin
  12. Bydgoszcz

What is worth mention, is that basically there is just a small difference in prices between Warsaw, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Kraków. In reality, you won’t see it as those cities have the same rent price range. We will give you separate numbers for the first 5 cities together and the rest together.

But to the point, how much does it cost for 5 major Polish cities?

Cost of accommodation in the 5 major Polish cities

There is one important information that must be added – by the average price we used median (most frequent value) not mathematical average. Why? Because the median shows better the tendencies and real prices that you will see on the offers.

Let’s roll with the last 7 cities! As I mentioned before, there are big differences in accommodation prices between apartments located in these cities. Here more useful number will be “price range”. For the first 3 cities: Poznań, Łódź, Katowice you should take the higher value to get the prices right. Other 4 are cheaper and closer to the lower values and average in this case.

The average cost of accommodation


Public transportation is relatively inexpensive for students as you can benefit from discount -50%. You just need to remember to have it always with you in case of control.

Average transportation price in Poland

All prices are shown with -50% student discount


We all love restaurants and if you feel that you need to eat out, don’t worry! You won’t declare bankruptcy! Prices are rather affordable and for sure it’s much cheaper than in other western countries! Just take a look!

Average prices eating out!

Going out and entertainment

We know that your time in Poland to not only dedicated to studying but also to have good fun! Unfortunately all the pleasures like parties, theatres or cinemas costs. Let’s assume that the party fund is about 250zł per month but of course, that depends on you – you can spend much less or much more.

We hope that we helped a bit to find out about pricing and set up your budget for #erasmus_adventure in Poland!

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