It’s usually one of the first questions – how to travel around Poland safe, cheap, easy and comfortable?

Poland is a pretty easy country to get around, whichever form of transport you choose. Here are a few tips to stay safe on your trip and economize it the most! Here we go!


Polish trains are nowdays modern, clean and fast!

It’s our first choice and we also recommend you to get trains while travellng in Poland. Why?

It’s cheap, it’s convenient, and it’s usually on time.

There are four types of train:

  • express,
  • inter-city, including inter-city premium
  • fast
  • local.
PKP it’s shortcut for “Polish National Trains”

For travel between cities such as Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, and others, the inter-city (premium) trains are the best ones and we highly recommend it! The service is really good, you can buy tickets online, you can get help in English and travel is fast.

TIP : Usually, if you buy ticket 2 weeks upfront, you’ll get huge discount – up to 70%. Also as everywhere, you can buy “students ticket” and use 50% discount. NOTE : you need to have your polish student card with you!

where to buy tickets :


Travel by bus is sometimes the only possibility to get to small cities/villages

It’s our second choice, because it’s a bit less convinient and comfortable than trains.

Bus network is going really good in Poland, we have a lot of bus companies, there are some places you can get to only by bus, c.a mountains regions, lake district or local connections. Basically you can take it to every point on the map, even to some small villages.

Where I can check if the connection exists?

e-podroznik is really useful and what’s more important – english version available!
  • online on this website : it will give you all options with prices and company names
  • at the station, every city has his own bus station (dworzec autobusowy) and information point where you can ask about it

How to buy ticket? You can do it :

  • online (via e-podroznik or on bus company’s website)
  • at the station (dworzec autobusowy in polish)
  • from the driver. As the driver don’t speak english usually, you just need to show him the name of the city/village you want to get to (f.ex Poznań, Toruń, Białystok etc) and “studencki” – to get 50% discount on your students card.



Blablacar is one of the most popular long-distanced ridesharing. The site and mobile apps connect people looking to travel long distances with drivers going the same way, so they can travel together and share the cost.

Blablacar is really popular in Poland right now, it’s also safe as you can choose the drives base on his rank and reviews.

FB groups

There is many groups on Facebook dedicated to car sharing, mostly in polish. I would say is not the safiest way to travel as there is no verification system of the drivers.

Car rentals

Travelling by car can be a great way to see Poland, especially if you like independent travel. But it is the least safe method to get around as polish drives has quite agressive driving style.

However there is many car rental companies and if you will travel with 3-4 people, you can really economize your trip and get to these hidden, small very charming villages!