The Elbląg Canal is 151 km long and is the longest navigable channel in Poland. It is the only trail in the world where ships not only sail on water but also travel by land in wheelchairs.

Ship on Elbląg Canal

The Elbląg Canal built in 1844-81 is a unique hydro technical monument in the world, thanks to the active system of five historic slipways from the so-called dry ridge (ships and yachts, to overcome the difference in levels, are placed on wheelchairs and dragged along the track using steel ropes that move the water wheel). It’s unique also because everything is working WITHOUT electricity! Is powered by the water!

The first tourist cruise on the canal took place in 1912. From 1927, passenger flights take place regularly. Currently, due to its natural and cultural values, the area has been under legal protection in the form of the Protected Landscape Area of the Elbląg Canal, which is why on some sections of the canal you can only navigate by canoe. The canal is one of the biggest attractions of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship – up to 60,000/year tourists have used cruises in recent years.

There are 4 main trails :

Drużno Lake is considered the beginning of the Canal, but cruises usually start in the center of Elbląg, at the marina at ul. Wodna 1b.
As a curiosity, we add that counting the distance on the channel begins with … Miłomłyn.

Small marina
  • Miłomłyn – Iława (c.a 35 km)
  • Miłomłyn – Ostróda – Stare Jabłonki (c.a 32 km)
  • Miłomłyn – Zalewo (c.a 31 km)
  • Miłomłyn – Elbląg (c.a 70 km)

The entire cruise from Elbląg to Ostróda lasts 11 hours. The slipway system is located closer to Elbląg.

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