These are not high mountains, but their size is not important, it’s all about its magic. The Table Mountains offer a landscape like a fairy tale: fancy rock forms, beautiful trails and wildlife in all shades of green. Views are admired here with mouths wide open.

Góry Stołowe

They are one of the most popular mountain ranges in Poland and the Czech Republic, located in the Central Sudetes chain. Built of flat-lying sandstone and marl, they are the only plate-shaped mountains in Poland. Tourists attract with their unique form – without steep peaks and sharp ridges, flat as a table is ideal for hiking with children or leisurely walks that do not require great effort. And it’s not boring here. On the contrary! It is full of labyrinths, rock bridges and gates, as well as fantastic forms resembling people, animals, giant mushrooms or clubs.

One of the many trails

The best starting point for exploring the Table Mountains is Kudowa Zdrój. It is close to all major attractions and trails.

Kudowa Zdrój is a charming, very popular spa village.

Among many available trails (c.a 20 at least!) we will give you those you simply can’t miss!

Błędne skały – Errant Rocks

Błędne skały

The name of this place is not accidental. Erroneous rocks are a picturesque maze made of sandstones 6 to 11 meters high. It is full of corridors, alleys, inlets and crevices. If it wasn’t for the marked passages, you could easily get lost among the rock corridors and labyrinths. In addition, some of them are so narrow that you have to squat or pull your stomach to be able to squeeze.

Narrow path in Bledne Skaly in Gory Stolowe Polska Poland

Many rocks have their own names referring to their shape. Every now and then rock animals, mushrooms, clubs, hourglasses and towers grow out of the ground. There are, among others Rock Saddle, Warship, Bipedal Mushroom, Great Hall. In the area of Błędne Skały, there is also a lookout point called ‘Skalne Czasze’, from which you can see the Giant Mountains with good visibility!

“Kurza stopka” , Góry Stołowe

How to get to Błędne Skały:
You can reach it by car via Stu Zakrętów road (No. 387) from Kudowa Zdrój or Karłów, or reach it on foot. Two parking lots are waiting there for you.

On the trail, Błędne skały, Góry stołowe


  • red: from Karlów, passage time approx. 1 hour 55 min
  • red: from Kudowa Zdrój, walking time approx. 1 hour 50 min
  • green: from Kudowa Zdrój, walking time approx. 2 hours 25 min
  • blue: from YMCA ) glade, walking time approx. 30 min.

Price: normal 10 PLN, reduced 5 PLN, upper parking 20 PLN.

Szczeliniec Wielki

Shelter on Szczeliniec Wielki

Szczeliniec Wielki, included in the Crown of Polish Mountains, is the highest and the most interesting mountain in the entire range (919 m a.s.l.). 680 stone steps lead to the top, and the characteristic flat top is a huge rock maze. Wandering between the rock ledges, squeezing between the cracks and admiring the fancy effects of rock erosion, you get the feeling of being in a truly fairy-tale world. Anyway, just look at the rock forms rising from the ground.

Pitoresque view from Szczeliniec Wielki

The names of the most interesting rocks refer to their shapes. So we have a Camel, a Monkey- man, a Hen and an Ancestor’s Chair also called the Liczyrzepa’s Throne, which is the highest point of Szczeliniec. Getting there it is, of course, the most important thing!

“Monkey-man” rock

The most popular trail to Szczeliniec Wielki leads from Karłów, a small village at the foot of the mountain. Reaching the summit requires 40 minutes of climbing stairs and stones. The route is worth the effort. Finally, there are beautiful views of the four sides of the world from numerous viewpoints. Admiring the beautiful panorama from the observation deck at the 19th-century PTTK Szczeliniec shelter, do not be fooled by the impression that you are at the top. This one is just before you. The paid section of the tour, covering the labyrinth at the very top, begins behind the shelter.

Going to the top does not mean the end of the fun. The descent is equally exciting, especially if you choose the descent to Piekiełko (eng: Little hell) – a 17-meter gap, from which later through Purgatory you will get to Heaven – another viewpoint.

Rock forms and labyrinths of Szczeliniec Wielki the highest peak of the Table Mountains

How to get to Szczeliniec:

The nearest starting points are Karłów and Pasterka. In both cases, you can leave your car in parking lots. Karłów is much more often chosen because of easier access and amenities on the trail (stairs, handrails).

Szczeliniec Wielki trails:

  • yellow: from Karłów; the route with handrails and handrails leads to the pass between Mały and Wielki Szczeliniec, from the pass one wanders without a trail on stairs and wooden platforms up to the hostel itself. Walking time approx. 40 min.
  • yellow: from Pasterka, the route is not facilitated, to the pass between Mały and Wielki Szczeliniec, from the pass you can walk without a trail on stairs and wooden platforms up to the hostel. Walking time approx. 40 min.

Price: normal 10 PLN, reduced 5 PLN.

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