When you think about Poland, you probably see Warsaw with its Palace of Culture, Cracow with Wawel Royal Castle, maybe a few lovely old town squares with colourful townhouses… But do you know that Poland actually consists of 16 different counties and each of them is hiding something special for you to discover? We have gathered the most interesting and crucial facts about each county, and we will share it with you here!

Dunas at Baltic sea

Today we shall focus on the North of Poland – let’s dig into it!


Kaszuby – view to Ręboszewo Lake

Pomeranian Voivodeship is famous mostly because of the Three Cities (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) – and it is a great idea to go there, especially in the spring-summer period, when you can chill out on the beach! But once you’re there, don’t forget to also get acquainted with the folklore of this region! Go around and visit the museum of Kashubian culture in Kartuzy – a small village located to the west of Gdańsk – and try Kashubian Pickled Herring, the speciality of this area! If you are into history, you should also visit perfectly maintained 13th century Castle and Fortress of the Teutonic Order in Malbork!

Medieval castle in Malbork


Torun old town in Poland, UNESCO world heritage site, with illumination, reflected in Vistula river on pink sunset.

You will pass by it on your way to the seaside. And it is particularly worth to visit the city of Toruń, included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It has a big beautiful Old Town with the 700-hundred-year-old Gothic Town Hall and tens of graceful, slender, medieval townhouses. Actually, in one of them, a famous mathematician and astronomer, the author of heliocentric theory was born. Yup, you guessed right: we are talking about Nicolaus Copernicus! You can see his house not only from the outside but also from the inside. Once you are in Toruń, you should definitely try pierniczki toruńskie – sweet gingerbreads with different fillings that originate from this city!


Aerial view of Mazury

The northeastern province of Warmia&Masuria is called the Polish
Land of a Thousand Lakes: to the biggest ones belongs Śniardwy and Mamry. It is a perfect destination if you like to sail! Many Polish people go there for long weekends – especially for the ones in May (1 st of May – The Labour Day & 3 rd of May – Polish Constitution Day) and June (holiday of Corpus Christi). Forests of this area also hide a lot of secret places – for example, you can discover there some remnants of bunkers built during World War II (trail around Wilczy Szaniec near Kętrzyn.) You are not that adventurous? Don’t worry! If you don’t sail or you are more of an indoor-type-of person, you can organize a trip to Lidzbark Warmiński and its hot terms! Don’t forget to book some nice spa treatments!

Old bunker, relict of The Second World War. Wilczy szaniec. Wolfsschanze.


Have you been to any of these three counties? Have you heard about them? Are you planning any trips? If you are, check out our section #traveling for more ideas! In the meantime, stay tuned – in the next article we will start exploring the Western part of Poland!