Hangover (polish) tips&tricks


Parties on Erasmus are a tradition, but parties on Erasmus in Poland are a legend. The only problem with memorable parties is that hangover the day after… is just as memorable. In this article, however, we will present a few ways to ease your pain! For sure you will attend enough parties to try all these methods – we hope you will find the one that works for you!

1.Chicken broth (a.k.a. rosół)

That is the “grandma’s” method – chicken broth. According to Polish grandmas, it is good for everything: the flu, a broken heart, a hangover. The funny thing is, they actually may be right. There is no scientific explanation for its extraordinary healing powers, but it just works.
*It is easy to make (in another article you will find a recipe) but if you are not able to do even that – you can always go to a bistro or order it online (many restaurants make deliveries!)

Listen to polish grandmas!

2. Hair of the dog (a.k.a. klin)

That would be the “grandpa’s” method. Meaning, whatever made you sick, will help you heal. Just don’t go for hard alcohols: stick to beer or cider! If you don’t like this kind of drinks though, you can always go for some Aperol Spritz!

And here are some more rational tips for how to deal with a hangover:

  • tomato juice – it is rich in vitamin C (which is an antioxidant and is responsible for a detoxicating the organism,) potassium and magnesium (they help to stabilize the functioning of the nervous system and calm down the muscles.) Juice made of sour cabbage and sour pickles (“ogórki kiszone”) is equally good but may taste weird to you!
  • cucumber soup – for the same reason sour pickles are good for your hangover body: it is a source of vitamin C and electrolytes that were washed out from your organism by alcohol. Additionally, it is delicious, and it may be one of the few dishes that you will be able to keep (if we are talking about extreme hangover cases.)
  • water with Himalayan salt – drink as much as you can, because impacts an organism in the same way that electrolytes do. And your dehydrated body simply needs water.
  • eggs for breakfast – there are so many ways to make them! Hard-boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, poached, fried, in a form of omelette… Although specialists claim that a hangover breakfast should be light, so fried is probably not the best idea. However, you need to find a way that works for you. Eggs are important because they contain cysteine, an amino acid that helps to remove toxins (so alcohol) from the organism. Cysteine can also be found in the chicken broth!
  • honey – eat one spoon. Alcohol causes a great loss of glucose in a body, which starts displaying symptoms of hypoglycaemia: general weakness, higher heart rate, trembling.
    The fructose from the honey will quickly raise the level of glucose in your blood, which will improve your state of being. Besides, it will help your body dissolve alcohol.
  • take a shower – it will help you open your skin pores, through which your organism disposes of toxins. Your skin will become more active, will be able to “breathe” and remove the remaining alcohol from your body faster.
  • go for a walk – or at least open a window and enjoy some fresh air. Oxygen will ventilate to your brain, which will reduce your headache! Also, after oxygen gets to your blood, your body will start working more effectively and will get rid of the remaining alcohol.

These are the most important tips we have for a day after a big party. Follow these tips and your hangover morning should be at least a little less painful! For the future, read our article on How to Drink and next time – try to party more wisely!