Masuria (Mazury in Polish) is a lake district. It has over three thousand lakes, the most in the Great Masurian Lakes area.

This swath of land bordering Russia’s isolated Kaliningrad is Poland’s Lakeland, riven throughout with rivers, canals, wetlands, swamps and ever-present lakes. It’s an aquaphile’s dream come true, with more water-bound fun than the rest of the country put together.

Region of Masuria took a part in the contest “New Nature Miracles” and finally take 8th place!! Before Tanzania, Australia’s Big Coral Reef etc.

What can you do there? You won’t be bored, that’s sure!

Gizycko has one of the biggest harbours in the area and is one of your best bets to get a sailing boat. Sailing is cheap and very popular, both young and old. Take a friend with you that can speak Polish however, so you won’t get scammed and get the boat you want for the right price. Generally, sailing boats (i.e. for 6 passengers) are rented out by small companies or individuals, and they do not speak English very well, if at all.

Ice sailing is a popular sport in winter when the Mazury lakes freeze up.

The Mazury lakes played a very important role in World War 2. It was home to the headquarters of the eastern front of Nazi Germany. Because of this, many Nazy relics can be found all around the lakes, ranging from many intact or blown up bunkers to an unfinished canal. Several of them can be visited, so for those who are fascinated by history is a real wonderland!

Masuria is a home (only one in Europe!) for European Bizon (Żubr in polish – based on his name is Żubrówka). Bizon is living here in their natural environment in the oldest forest in Europe!

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