You got police fine – what to do next?


Party a bit too loud? Drinking beer in a park? Driving a bit too fast?

Well, that may happen to the bests of us. It’s not a tragedy! Check the best ways to pay it!

  1. Cash – it’s the most common way for the foreigners who do not have permanent inhabitant. It’s also the fastest way, in most cases, you can pay also with the bank card.
  2. Post Office – paying for tickets at the post office is not the most convenient. We are limited by the hours of the post office, queues can meet us, and you need to complete (in Polish!) a special print in which you can not go wrong.
  3. Internet – with a polish bank account and access to electronic banking, you can pay for a ticket via the internet by website . It’s in polish (as is the ticket) so it’s not very hard to fill the blanks.

How you should fill the blank spots

Stay safe and see you!

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