Where to live during my #erasmus_adventure?


At this point you made several decisions :

  • Why Poland
  • Why this specific town in Poland
  • You chose your university

Now it’s time to find a perfect place to live so another decision to take! First things first so you need to decide :

What kind of accommodation choose? What options do I have?

Where to live?

In most of the locations you can choose between these options :

  • students house – provided by the University, usually the cheapest option.
  • private bedroom in a shared flat – you’re renting just one bedroom in a bigger place shared with others
  • studio flat – all place for yourself
  • Apartment/flat shared with other Erasmus
Privat flats are the most popular option in Poland among students.

In order to decide you must first settle some facts about your needs and possibilities.

  1. Designate your budget – you have to know how much you want to spend on accommodation. Note, that most of the polish cities have accommodation prices on the European level. What does it mean? That prices between Warsaw and Madrid are no different.
  2. Define where you want to live – remember that always city centre / old town is the most expensive district to live. Student’s houses are rarely located in the most popular districts.
  3. Recognize your comfort limits – What are your needs? Do you need a separated bedroom? Or maybe you want to be totally independent and you need a studio flat? Student’s houses usually don’t provide single bedrooms for students (or very rarely and they are mostly for “regular” students not Erasmus ). All bedrooms are shared with one or two more people. It’s also the most economical option, but maybe a more stressful one.

Now it’s time to sum it up and make the choice!

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Good luck!