#Erasmoflats ? Where to find it?


You have decided! You need a private flat/apartment for your adventure, shared with your friends/ fellow Erasmus students.

So where you can search for the offers?

Of course we have to mention our page created due to your demand!


accommodation.erasmuspoland.pl – it’s free of charge for students with listed offers mainly for #erasmus!

You can check also :

  1. Facebook – it may not be that obvious, but firstly look on FB groups for Erasmus students in your destination city. Usually, you will find plenty of groups dedicated to accommodation f.ex “Accommodation in Warsaw ” but also general groups such as “Erasmus Krakow 2020-2021”.
  2. Google – search for “Erasmus accommodation Gdansk”, “flats for Erasmus Wroclaw”, you will get lots of websites which have offers of flats for you.
  3. Polish ads websites – there are 2 most popular websites with home advertisements, one called www.gumtree.pl and other www.olx.pl However it can be difficult to navigate since they are all in polish.
  4. Real estate agencies dedicated to #erasmus – the most popular Erasmus agency is called Easyrenting.pl . They have offers in 2 major polish cites: Kraków and Warsaw.

Good luck and see you in Poland!

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