Before you come to Poland!

What is important to bring with you.


Here we present to you some aspects that you should take into consideration before coming to Poland.

What you should take with you to Poland: a list of things you may need to make a smooth start to your #erasmus adventure!

  • basic medicines you need, so in case of a cold you will not have to look for a pharmacy in your first days
  • towels – even if you’re renting a flat, the owner will not provide them as is not standard equipment of apartments in Poland
  • a photo (like to ID card) – you will need it in several situations, f.ex you may need it to get your students card, transportation card etc
  • Polish currency in cash (polish zloty PLN) – at the beginning there are a lot of expenses and it is good to have money in case of brokerage of the debit card
  • Bank card with extended limits – make sure you changed limits on your card. There is usually small daily/ weekly/monthly/ limit on your card for withdrawal money abroad. It’s for your own protection. But in the first month, you may need to pay a deposit for an apartment, buy some books/ materials for study etc.
  • Proper clothes, especially if you’re coming for the winter semester. We do have heavy winters so warm cloths are a must!
  • Umbrella – you should have it all the time nearby, you’ll definitely need it!

In the next article, you’ll find out more about weather conditions in Poland and must-have clothing!

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