10 Things you should know about Poland.


Coming to Poland and spend here your Erasmus time will be for sure amazing experience full of travelling and meeting new people.

How much do you know the basic facts about the country you’re going to live in the next months?

  1. Official name –  Republic of Poland (short form: Poland), 
  2. Official language – polish
  3. Capital City – Warsaw (polish: Warszawa)
  4. Religion – 86.7% belong to the Roman Catholic Church.
  5. Location – Central Europe. Poland borders Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania and Russia (the Kaliningrad exclave). NOTE: polish people are usually quite angry when they hear “Eastern Europe” as location.
  6. Time zone – Poland belongs to the Central European time zone (GMT + 1 hour / UTC + 1 hour), except for between the last Sunday in March and the last Sunday in October when it switches to daylight saving time. We’re all hoping to be changed soon!
  7. Currency –  1 zloty (PLN) = 100 groszy (current exchange rates: www.nbp.pl)
  8. Climate – The Polish climate is moderate continental, with relatively cold winters (from December to March) and hot summers which extend from June to August.
  9. Calling code – + 48; 
  10. Internet domain –.pl

See you in Poland!

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